Apocalypse survival guide


With the recent events that are happening (stock-piling of essentials and etc.), it feels like an apocalypse is happening! Having watched many zombie movies (e.g. zombieland, zombieland double tap --> actually not that many), here is my guide to surviving the apocalypse (leveraging tips from Zombieland of course):

1. Rule 1: Cardio

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Like zombieland, cardio is extremely important in this apocalypse. What's the use of the stacks of maggie mee without you being healthy. To start with, you should  not be stock-piling. But if you insist on stock piling, choose healthier options. Anyway, back to cardio, keep yourself healthy by exercising - release endorphine and keep your mind fresh and happy. Extremely important to be healthy during such apocalypse.

2. Rule 2: Double tap

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Instead of double tapping on the zombies, double tap when you wash your hands. Ensure you have enough hand soap on your hands when you wash your hands. Washing your hands can reduce the risk of the virus. Nothing beats double tapping on the soap dispenser!

Rule 3: Beware of Bathrooms

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This is so true. Be careful of the bathrooms. Always always sanitize the toilet seat and wash your hands before using the toilet. There are studies suggesting that coronavirus can happen through fecal transmission. Hence, beware of the bathrooms and be extra vigilant when you're in there!

These are the 3 tips i used these days to survive the apocalypse. Practising good personal hygiene is the key to reduce the risk of transmission. Like many, I do not have any sanitisers nor masks (except for the issued masks). Hence, these 3 tips are keeping me alive these days. 

Let us know if you have any other tips to survive!

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