Learn the Magical Word: Hypoallergenic


Are you are part of the lucky many like myself, to have sensitive earlobes? Sometimes, it can be extremely painful to wear earrings that are not meant for sensitive ears! Here is a guide that I use to keep my ear lobes safe and sound (with a lot of prayers involved!):

1. Look out for the magical word: Hypoallergenic 
The first basic tip is to look out for anything that is labelled as "hypoallergenic". But the million dollar question is: What exactly does it mean? It actually means that it is made of materials which are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, which will be perfectly suitable for users who have sensitive earlobes. Let me name a few popular ones: 925 Sterling Silver (essentially it means 92.5% silver content), fine silver (99.9% silver), gold plated or pure gold (e.g. 18K gold plated, 14K gold plated and etc.), surgical steel and titanium (grade 1-4). 

Again, you got to test it out for yourself to know what works for you! Some really really really sensitive ears can be reactive to sterling silver too! Like love, hypoallergenic materials are not guaranteed to reciprocate! However, unlike falling in love with the wrong person, you can prevent reaction (if you are extremely sensitive) by painting a coat of protection armour with nail polish! Proven to work (don't believe, google it!)

2. Reduce Weight: Look for Lightweight earrings
Again, I cannot determine if it is the material or the weight of the earrings that can cause a reaction to my ear lobes. When earrings are as heavy as dumbbells, you can feel the pain and the stretching force on your ear lobes! Sometimes, i wonder to myself if those earrings are going to tear my ear lobes into half! 

So, go lightweight baby! But if you insist on putting on that heavyweight earrings, please ensure you're not wearing for the entire day! 

Image result for heavy earrings

3. Clean the earrings like how you clean your hands
Cleaning your earrings before every wear is like using hand sanitizers these days! Before putting on my earrings, I'll usually use an alcohol pad to clean and sterilize the earrings! Of course, alcohol pads can be hard to get nowadays, so you may opt for distilled water! Remember to dry your earrings after each wash to maintain the colors of the earrings!

These are the 3 survival tips I use to keep my earlobes safe and sound! Share with us if you have any survival tips too! 

Short advertisement time [let me warn you first, skip if you are not interested]:
Again, can't emphasize this enough, our earrings are hypoallergenic as they are made of 925 silver or 18K gold plated copper. Safe for normal sensitive ears (like myself)! Try it and you will know the difference! :)

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