The virus has hit us hard, and we know it's tough to be positive all the time! On the surface, we are all about fun and happiness, but deep down, we care deeply about how you feel during this period of time! No doubt, as a small business, we're impacted. But we know, there are many people out there who are also impacted by this virus! 

We understand staying at home can be tough at times (look at all the dalgona coffee i have made!), hence, we have developed this page to create resources to help you tide through this tough time! Best of all, it's FREE! It requires nothing, but a set of good old color pens/pencils and a printer (you can do without a printer too)! You may see some of our past and future earrings cards' designs here! We're openly sharing this, and we hope you will like them too!  

Share this page with your friends and family who may need this! Together, we can tide through this:

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