Self-Care Tips


It's kind of depressing to see the news nowadays. With the Covid-19 situation getting from bad to worse (everywhere in the world), we can see how this has impacted the lives of many. Each day, we breathe in fear and uncertainty - Fearful that the virus may hit us and uncertain of what this entire situation may entail. 

And this is why self-care is so crucial for us at this point. It may sound indulgent or even fancy, but, our physical, emotional and mental well-being are being tested during this period of time. Caring for yourself is an act of responsibility and not selfishness. 

So here are 5 small, simple self-care tips that anyone can get into: 

  • Meditation: A little stress in a healthy way is good to give us a nudge we need to meet the deadlines for that report or to finish any overdue task. However, constant stress and anxiety can be detrimental to the body in the long run. Meditating is a good way to slow down and cut down the toxic effects of stress by being in the present. You can find many free meditation playlists on youtube! If not, I will recommend to try free apps like Headspace, Simple Habit and Calm! 
  • Get Active: Your gym may be temporarily closed due to social distancing rules. However, getting active does not necessarily require the gym! You can try free workout videos on youtube. Here are some of my favourites: 
    • Popsugar Fitness
    • Holly Dolke
    • Self

  • Journal: Journalling is a great way to practise self-care. The simple act of describing how you feel can effectively help you to clear your mind, and make your mind less anxious and hence happier. There are studies indicating that writing can help to improve sleep, immune system and general physical health. For me, I journal at the end of my day (before i sleep) to calm my mind. An effective way to start to feel good and be grateful for the day.  
  • Sleep: Sleep is like the most underrated thing in the world! But having a good sleep is essential to get rid of toxins in the brain. Try getting 7 hours of sleep a day (not too much and not too little - though I am still mastering it). 

  • Eat Right:  Since most of us will be staying in, this is the perfect time to cook the kale and eat right from home! I am still learning to eat right, but definitely, vegetables and fruits are your best bets! Don't forget to stay hydrated too! 

These are just some of my self-care tips that I am practising. Start caring for yourself today! <3

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