Teacher's Day Gift Survival Guide


Teachers’ Day is around the corner again! It is time to show appreciation and gratitude for the tireless efforts and patience of our teachers over the past crazy year!

Having a tough time finding funny and cute gifts for your teachers? Fret not, here’s a list of our top picks for gifting to your beloved teachers!

Carry-All Pouches

Does your teacher need a good-sized pouch to store all her stationery or notepads? Our carry-all is a great gift to basically anyone who needs to store anything! Our pouches are designed with happy prints be it on the outside or inside, as you’ll be greeted with our signature smiley faces whenever you look within! Comes beautifully with a specially designed box with our carry-all story, so it is super presentable as a gift!

Enamel Pins – Save Me & Hosehbo

Need a funny gift to your teachers? Perhaps need to drop a hint that you need help? Presenting our Save Me (our pain-relief version) pins! Guaranteed to bring chuckles from your teachers if you need them to “Save You” from the misery of exams or studies! If not, consider our “Hosehbo” pins if you are super “gum” or close to your teachers. This pin is a good health check on them to see if they are “Hoseh” or not, especially after such a disruptive and difficult year for them!

Book Bags

Do your teachers’ bags look like they need a style revamp? Perhaps they are waiting for you to get them our book totes! They can store all their notes and assessment books, and even their laptop, into our beautiful tote bags! Combining fashion and functionality, this can be an ideal gift for teachers who are busy-bees!


A customized gift is always a sweet gifting idea that shows thoughtfulness. Our hair-ties come with cute peripherals ranging from smileys to food which you can choose, after that add your teachers’ names (or nicknames) to them! Definitely a nice touch and a great practical gift for all your lady teachers!

Tear-out sheets

How about planners for your teachers? A checklist or weekly reminder sheets could be their life-saver as they navigate their tough schedules and increasing loads of tasks during this period! Presenting our range of tear-off sheets, they come in forms of a To-Do list, Weekly Planner list and a mix of both! Your teacher is a foodie? Good, he/she will love the Local Favourites tear-off sheets. If she’s a lady, then a “You Got This” and “Let’s Do It” will suit the bill! Well, who doesn’t like pretty notepads and fancy sheets!


If tear-out sheets aren’t “sticky” enough for them to remember their tasks, then the next best solution would be our sticky notepads! Coming in various forms of funny puns and work jargon, your teachers can now stick notes to wherever they please. Naughty students beware! You can no longer say you have lost your “To-Do lists” since they can “stick” these notes onto your books now!
What a timely reminder to remind your teachers of how old they are! Get them to reminisce about the good ole’ 80s and 90s where life was at a slower pace, and how unsophisticated life was back then compared to the hectic “digitalization” and “computerization” of today! All in all, jokes aside, this is a beautiful throwback to the yesterday of Singapore with our kiddy rides, and definitely a great tote for your teachers to carry all their notes and books in!
Another of our local favourites! Surprise your teacher with this “Yawn” shopper tote, similar to our book bags and the earlier Kiddy Ride bag, this tote can store all the notes, books and even a laptop! If you give them the usual repertoire of gifts i.e. pencil case, Starbucks tumbler or mug, I can bet she might be “yawning” at a lack of effort. Definitely won’t get yawns with our “Yawn” tote though, it will definitely blow their mind!


Please note! A Special Announcement:

If you are planning to give it directly to your teachers, please drop us a note or a customized message in your “Cart Page” prior to checkout.

Alternatively, please feel free to drop us an email at admin@sidersonline.com for any special instructions!

Our items do come in a packaging which you probably would not want to tear it apart! **For tracked mail only!

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