Tees Care


100% cotton tees are extremely sensitive like the babies next door. They are delicate and need to be taken care carefully to avoid shrinkage. Follow these simple steps to keep your 100% cotton tees in shape (I promise, you do not have to hit the gym).

1. Cold coconut shakes

Seriously, no one likes to drink hot coconut shakes (wait, is there even such a thing). Wash your tee cold, like below 30 degrees. To me, it still sounds too hot!

2. Tumble Down the stairs

Do not ever tumble dry your cotton tee! No one likes to tumble down the stairs. What makes you think your cotton tee likes to be tumbled dry? 

3. It's all about the inside

Embrace beauty from the inside out. Cotton tees with prints are often shy like this. You need to wash it inside out. 

4. Join my clique

You probably hang out with the same group of friends (aka clique) since your school days! They like the same music and food as you. Our tees are like humans, they like to hang out in the same shade to throw shades at others. Hence, wash light coloured tees together! 

5. Got milk? 

Who adds milk to their coffee (btw, my favourite drink is latte)? When i was mingling with my Italian friends, they laughed at my choice of coffee saying it's not the most ideal way to drink coffee. You got to expresso yourself! So, do not ever add bleach to your washing process. 

6. Weight Loss

Life is good, and you lost weight but you do not want to spend a fortune revamping your wardrobe! There is a simple solution for you - reverse all the steps above to shrink your cotton tees! Why bother buying another outfit when you can save and drink more cups of bubble tea? 

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