Tired of always buying new earrings just to keep up with your fashion desires? Find it tiresome to change your earrings when you transit from work to after-parties? Need choices to mix and match your styles!

Meet #Clawit – our design concept of interchangeable earrings 

As the name suggests, #Clawit interchangeable earrings creates a fashion accessories playground for women to experiment with styles through a mix-and-match of what they would like to add to their earrings, through a design concept of a #claw. The combination of flexibility and design make for a modern creation which allows women to easily express their individual styles depending on the occasion and mood. 

Our earrings are specially chosen using materials which are light on ears, allowing wear throughout the day without any prolonged strain on your ears.

We promise to keep our earrings affordable, because fashion should never be expensive.

Be eco and wallet-friendly today and switch to interchangeable earrings to fit your everyday styles.



About the creators

A couple lost in the corporate world, with a mission to reignite their passion in life through the world of fashion accessories.

We strive to provide a fresh, modern perspective of accessorising through innovative experiments with style, and to empower women to freely create their personal fashion statement. There is a strange commitment to curiosity, to dare to be different, to encourage individuality and embrace new ideas. These are the founding principles which define our passion to inspire unique styles for the perfect sides to your outfits.


The #Clawit Journey

The #Clawit journey was inspired towards the end of 2018. The basic design concept was created with the intention to create “flexibility” in earrings. The delicate process of changing your earrings with your desired add-ons is as easy as unlocking a hook.

#Clawit is a simple design concept borne out of the desire for flexibility and love for varying fashion styles. We hope you enjoy this practical yet simple earrings that can be used in your everyday life.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!


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