We package and perform all quality checks from our procurement from suppliers to our shipping to customers. All of our items are packaged in-house, which allows us to perform stricter quality checks and allow us to address any issues/defects along the supply chain.

When our purchased materials arrive at our store, we will look out for the following common defects:

  • Broken or damaged parts/needles/studs
  • Decolorisation of parts/needles/studs
  • Ensure that studs and needles are secure

The materials will then be inducted into our inventory where the packaging will commence. They will be handled by our designer, where she will perform her handcrafting work to piece the sets together prior to handing to the packing staff. A detailed round of quality check will be performed here to ensure that the parts are satisfactory for sale.

  • Reject any unsatisfactory marks / damage on surfaces
  • Removing any irregular or unsymmetrical pieces that do not meet our requirements
  • Any decolorisation of materials which are not picked up initially

When an order comes in, the items will be wrapped in a clear plastic and packaged into a sturdy box with bubble wrap to minimalise any damage that may happen during the delivery process.


Wear and tear is part of nature, that is why we purchase new items! While we do know that these are your favourite go-to pieces to wear, the materials making up the jewellry might undergo metal tarnishing or chemical changes with the environment. Likewise, even premium jewellry such as gold and silver do get tarnished over time if exposed. 

It is important that we practise good etiquette when we store our beloved jewellry. Even so, sometimes due to our negligence, studs break or come loose even without us putting much pressure. However, do not worry, we have heard your needs and here is what we would like to offer you!


As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that all our customers, while we do our utmost best to ensure that all items are perfect for sale, there could have been some defective items which have unfortunately slip through our checks. As such, we would like to take this opportunity to offer all purchases a 6 month warranty for all purchases due to defects defined as below:

  • Broken (not due to negligence)
  • Obvious glue stains, dents, decolorisation on main surface
  • Uneven surfaces or irregularities noted in parts 

The following are not considered as defects:

  • Resin patterns and colours. As resins are unique to every individual piece, the colours and patterns may differ and would not be exactly identical.
  • Size and colour of rattan pieces may not be symmetrical or identical due to the nature of the material.
  • Coated items may possess tiny bubbles/specks due to the nature of the material. 
  • Actual products may appear darker or lighter, dependent on your lightings or monitor/handphone settings

If any parts of the jewellery is damaged and require fixing, please email us at admin@sidersonline.com with pictures of the stated damage.

  • All repair works are subjected to the jewellery’s condition.
  • Earring studs comes with a one-month warranty. Warranty starts on the day you receive your package.
  • Any delivery fees will have to be borne by the buyer