A Notepad For Let's Take It Offline

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Product Description

The classic phrase that everyone has heard before in meetings - Let's take it offline, LET'S TAKE IT OFFLINE! OGEEZ, just how many times are they taking this offline? Well, truth is, they usually do not have answers to the questions and hence need to save themselves from embarrassment with the bosses in the call - what better excuse to use other than to take this "offline"! Keep this handy my fellow friends, you will never know when you might need this phrase to get out of sticky situations :)

A note pad for is an exclusively designed series to help you to remember the things in life!  When there are just too many things to remember, we’ve got just the place to put them. And if that wasn’t enough, each pad has 50 sheets of fully printed coloured paper and is strong enough (80 grams) to weather through crying. 

A note pad for is a limited run with exclusive in-house designed print. 

Product Details

~In-house designed print
~50 pages of fully printed fun
~80 grams
~Sticky pad
~7.5cm x 7.5cm 

A Notepad For Let's Take It Offline
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