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A Big Notepad For Work

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Product Description

Dear fellow corporate warriors listen up! Here's a super big notepad to keep track of all your nasty tasks which you need to complete. Quick tip: Make sure you document down every single task which your boss says, because they will always say: "Didn't I tell you to do it?" Well, time to show who's the person having dementia :) Sometimes, it's better to suffer in silence because we all need a job :)

A notepad like this can help to keep all your to-dos in place, and probably keep these nasty people off your back! Stay focused my friends, together we can cross out the to-dos! 

A note pad for is an exclusively designed series to help you to remember the things in life!  When there are just too many things to remember, we’ve got just the place to put them. And if that wasn’t enough, each pad has 50 sheets of fully printed coloured paper and is strong enough (80 grams) to weather through crying. 

A note pad for is a limited run with exclusive in-house designed print. 

Product Details

~In-house designed print
~50 pages of fully printed fun
~80 grams
~Sticky pad 
~16cm x 9cm 

A Big Notepad For Work
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