Bearter Days Ahead Oversized Tee in Black - Women

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Product Description

 "Bear with me" is a designed series that aims to inspire patience towards oneself or towards others. The term "Bear With Me" has dual meanings - A bear being with you, and being tolerant and patient. 

This artwork is mainly inspired by the desire to go outside to play, take a selfie without mask and a general sense of optimism towards better days/future ahead! Interestingly, I've chose to reflect this desire through a mirror reflection which signifies the importance to see yourself bare, and to reach out to your deepest self. 

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed print
  • ~Oversized women's cut - shorter length
  • ~100% cotton
  • ~205 GSM cooling cotton
  • ~Extra soft and not sheer
  • ~Refer to size chart (in one of the pictures) for full sizes
Bearter Days Ahead Oversized Tee in Black - Women
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