Calorie Tee in Navy

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Product Description

My personal favorite brand of potato chips! These bags of delicious chips have accompanied me through thick and thin (literally ~ when I was fat and probably now skinnier). This had been a great companion for me while I was churning out designs during the lockdown period earlier this year - imagine the angst and disappointment when these chips were all snatched and sold-out so quickly in supermarkets back then!! I was even asking the staff when they will be restocked! This design is inspired by my insatiable love for chips, while also subtly providing a keen reminder to "diet" every time you finish a bag.

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed print
  • ~100% cotton
  • ~210 GSM heavy weight fabric
  • ~Extra soft and not sheer
  • ~Refer to size chart (in one of the pictures) for full sizes

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