Chilling Oversized Tee in Beige

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Product Description

This distinctive Ma-Ling canned meat brings back so many nostalgic feelings of my childhood - my mum used to have this in my bread, fried rice and various other dishes! This tee is dedicated to all the luncheon meat lovers out there! We should all aspire to be like this can of luncheon meat - transcending generations and today still remains as one of the most nostalgic, traditional food commonly seen at our supermarkets! This is chilling with a Ma-Ling can on the next level - Who says luncheon meat cannot be cool?

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed print
  • ~100% cotton
  • ~210 GSM heavy weight fabric
  • ~Extra soft and not sheer
  • ~Refer to size chart (in one of the pictures) for full sizes

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