Chop Chop Oversized Tee in Mint Green - Women Cut

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Product Description

While we were teenagers, we may occasionally come home late but we still see our mums waiting for us to be back. Despite all the troubles we have given to our mums, they will always be there for us, chopping food (hopefully not you!) and preparing dinners for us! Hence the inpsiration behind this funny satirical tee that reflects the mood of our mothers whenever we make them angry!! 

This is designed on a beautiful pastel mint green tee that is so soft and smooth to touch and is made of 100% cotton. 

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed print
  • ~Oversized women's cut - shorter length
  • ~100% cotton
  • ~205 GSM soft cotton/ breathable cotton
  • ~Extra soft and not sheer
  • ~Refer to size chart (in one of the pictures) for full sizes
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