Good For You Oversized Tee in Black - Unisex

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Product Description

 "Hey ah girl/boy, you better eat more watermelon in this hot weather, good for you."

"Hey ah girl/boy, finish this herbal drink, it is good for you." 

The phrase "Good For You" is one of the most memorable phrases in my life, because it makes me remember fondly of my mum's teachings (used to think it was "nagging", but as I mature, it is definitely more of teaching) Looking back, I can only realise that this is the very phrase that really shows her concern and love for us when we were kids. To all mothers out there, thank you for your sacrifices and this tee is dedicated to all the times you were secretly "watching" (hence the eyes on the tee) over your loved ones! 

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed print
  • ~Unisex oversized cut
  • ~100% cotton
  • ~240 GSM heavy weight fabric
  • ~Multi-coloured emboridery
  • ~Extra soft and not sheer
  • ~Refer to size chart (in one of the pictures) for full sizes

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