See The Good Hardcover Notebook

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Product Description

Welcoming our very first hardcover notebook designed with love! This is the artwork designed with "Perspective" as the inspiration! Many times, I do find myself trapped in negative feelings only to realise that my mood can be improved with a change of perspective! With this in mind, I've created this piece to showcase the small changes we could take to change our mood/feelings towards a situation/matter. Just like the flower, you will see it being unhappy on the cover as it was unable to see the light! On the backcover, you can see how the flower's mood has improved by changing its position a little. 

I hope this artwork will remind you to see the good in life, and to know that perspective matters. 

*Notebook comes with free sticker set (worth $3.90) too! 

Design is also available on tee!

Product Details

~In-house designed print
~60 pages of good quality blanks
~80 grams
~A5 Size 14.6cm x 21.6cm

See The Good Hardcover Notebook
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