Signature Smile Carry-All

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Product Description

👋 Say Hello to our first Signature Smile Carry-All! Made with vegan leather, this carry-all is designed to store all your small items! You can use this as a coin pouch, or an additional pouch for your card or lip balm! Made with 2 zip heads, a hook attached to the carry-all, and a detachable hook wrist strap, we know this is the perfect carry-all you can use anywhere! Embossed in gold with our Signature smiley, we know this will instantly light up anyone's mood! 

Comes in packaging as shown.

Product Details

  • ~In-house designed
  • ~12cm
  • ~In-built hook for hooking anywhere you like
  • ~Comes with hook wrist strap 
  • ~Waterproof
  • ~1 Exterior zip pocket with 2 zip heads
  • ~Vegan Leather
  • ~Padded with slight cushion
  • ~Smiley embossed on one side
  • ~Comes with giftbox 
Signature Smile Carry-All
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