The Tteokbokki Earrings

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Product Description

Hypoallergenic - 18K Gold Plated

Something special about this pair (Based on a true story)... During one of the flea events, I met this special someone. Before the event, I made a pair of pineapple earrings that was extremely unique in my opinion. During the event, I was actively asking if anyone would purchase this earrings! To my surprise, most people responded with a firm no (finding the earrings either too big or too small). I was dejected. 

Just about when i was planning to close my stall, this special someone appeared. I asked if she was the owner of this earrings. I shocked her with my question, but I was shocked by her response that she wanted this special pair and even told me that the pineapple pair had captured her attention right from the start!

She provided design guidance on this lovely pair you are seeing right now, right on this page! I couldn't thank her enough for ascertaining my design, and proving that good things come to those who wait! 

To the pineapple girl who stole my heart, you are truly amazing! 

Product Details

Dimensions: Length 4.0cm x Width 3.0cm

Weight: 6.5g

Closure: Fish Hook

Needle: 18K Gold Plated

The Tteokbokki Earrings
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